Inviting Holy Spirit To Bed

When I was thinking about what I wanted to write this week, my brain took me in what felt like a hundred different directions. I’ve had so many wonderful moments of learning and growing and loving life since becoming a mom. What I kept coming back to was the first time I felt the need to journal what I had just experienced. What He practically taught me, I’m still using – just a few nights ago šŸ™‚ This was my lesson, touched up with more wisdom I’ve gained since then.

My 9 month old had just figured out how to roll over and push herself up to sitting so she could crawl around. I was so proud of her. Then came bedtime when I laid her down next to me to nurse her to sleep.

Roll, roll, roll. Pick her up, lay her down beside me. Roll. Pick her up, lay her down beside me. Roll, roll, roll…About an hour and a half later, I start to find myself asking “What do I do?” Thinking she’ll never fall asleep.

Instead of getting frustrated and angry (as I felt my patience growing lower and lower) I took a breath and invited the Holy Spirit into bed with us. Learning to invite His presence into my daily life has been one of the most precious tools that I’ve learned as a parent. Then, I began to whisper in tongues – all while baby girl is sweetly crawling all over the bed and me. This immediately strengthened my spirit. I was at peace and I asked for wisdom. I was answered with this. “She’s learning how to make herself comfortable to sleep. This is brand new for her. You know what’s comfortable but she is just discovering that. Allow her to learn. This is only a short season.” Five seconds later – She was ASLEEP! And the next night only took 40 minutes.


I had already had my prayer language for a few years at that point. I knew how to use it. But really, I used it only in church and church like settings. For some reason it never crossed my mind that I could use it during my daily tasks. During washing dishes, putting my children to sleep, changing diapers and cooking dinner.

And while I often prayed and talked to God and Jesus during daily life, I never thought to specifically ask for Holy Spirit. I had read John 16:7 before, but never really grasped it in my heart and soul. Jesus said it was better for him to go so that we could have the holy spirit. Holy Spirit is translated as Comforter, Advocate, Helper.

I find so many moments as a parent where I need help, where I need comfort, where I need peace. Realizing that I could intentionally invite Holy Spirit into moments beyond church, moments of exhaustingly trying to be the best possible mom to my children, was and still is a favorite revelation.

I encourage you, the next time you find yourself frustrated and losing patience as a parent, invite the holy spirit into bed, into the car, to the dinner table. Speak in tongues, sing in tongues, allow your children to hear you and allow yourself to be comforted and helped šŸ™‚

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One Response to Inviting Holy Spirit To Bed

  1. Cathy Norton says:

    Awesome!! Thank you God that the next generation is getting it…..I would have enjoyed mothering so much more with that simple heavy revey…..but even still at 22, he is still my baby and I still pray for him now with more understanding and wisdom…God can redeem the time I lost. AMEN

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