Words Create Worlds

I remember the first time I made the connection that the words I speak actually create my environment. I was reading over the beginning of Genesis and it just hit me. God spoke – world created. I’m made in His image and have His authority so my words create worlds. That was probably around 5 years ago and I’ve been on a journey ever since to truly be careful of how and what I’m speaking.

Right now, the most important place this applies to in my life is with my family and especially my parenting. Every day I have a choice of what I will say to my husband, what I will say to my daughters. My words create my family. They create the atmosphere we live in daily. They are affecting my girls, even my 3 month old who may not understand much as far as english goes.

What I say might go over my child’s head – but it always goes in her heart, in her soul.

A few Sundays ago, my pastor preached a message on words and had a really cool video to accompany it. Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, experimented to see if and how water changed when different words were spoken.  It’s amazing how you can see the water react to opposing words like hate and love. My pastor made an excellent point that if we are made of mostly water, then obviously we are changed by what is spoken to us. Below is a picture and a video from the study – cool right?


This is why there is absolutely no yelling in my home. It’s important for me to never speak in anger. God says to not let the sun go down while we are still angry, which to me means if I find anger in my heart, I better get rid of it as quickly as possible. And while I’m getting rid of it, I have no business trying to parent my child. For a moment, everything goes on hold. I bite my tongue, breathe, ask for Holy Spirit, and get some joy back in my soul.

What you will find in my home are calm and loving and gentle and even passionate tones when we speak to each other. You will find encouragement, praise, and positive words. I make it a point to tell my girls that I’m proud of them, that I love them, that I like them. I tell them they are smart, powerful, and beautiful. I tell them that God loves them and that they will be world changers.

Start changing the way you speak and it will change your family.

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