Always Better When We’re Together


Ever heard the Jack Johnson song? It’s called Better Together and I simply love the line he sings “I tell you one thing, it’s always better when we’re together”.

It’s so beautifully true. Being together as a family, makes us a better family. Spending time with my husband makes me a better wife and spending time with my daughters makes me a better mama.

Time is so precious. I feel like how I choose to spend my time with my children now will determine how my children choose to spend time with me in the future. They are worth every second I have to offer, and I know that the days of them being little, being with me every day and under my wings, are short and sweet compared to the days after they fly off to their own families and dreams. So for me, being a stay at home mom trumped everything. It’s never been easy in a financial sense (yet God has always always always provided) but it’s been easy in every other way and I’m so grateful this is my life right now. I would never change it.

For me, time is more than just hours. It’s the quality of those hours. I will purposefully leave my phone in the other room. I will get down on the floor with my babies. Hold them in my lap and determine not to think of my to do list.

When me and my husband were first married, we decided to make it a goal to take a family vacation at least once every year. Our special place is Kona, Hawaii (where we were married) and so far we’re doing it! We both have such good memories of vacations growing up and want to make it a priority with our own kids.

Along with valuing quality family time, we also really value fun. (another reason to vacation!) Laughing is good medicine, even Jesus says so. And I think if God has a sense a humor, then I should too. I love my husband and daughters because they so easily bring out the lighthearted, silly, and fun side of me. And not taking myself too seriously really does make me a much better mama and wife.

This week, go spend time with your family. Maybe listen to this song. Dance to it, sing to it. Be silly, be fun, but mostly, be together.

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