The Family That Dances Together…

So You Think You Can Dance - season 10

So You Think You Can Dance – season 10

One of my favorite shows started back up last week – So You Think You Can Dance. I was really excited when my husband started to enjoy it as much as me and I’ve been waiting for my girls to be old enough to love it to. So we sat down, turned it on, and my 2 year old was glued to the screen. During one of the auditions, she suddenly jumps up and starts dancing all around the living room. I’m talking floor work, arabesque, arms, hips, kicks, everything! She was so into it and had me and my husband smiling and laughing and all eyes on her.

I wish I could describe the pure joy in my heart in that moment. There’s something so special about sharing something you love with your child, about enjoying it together. I danced from the age of 3, all the way through high school. It was definitely my greatest passion for a season and I’ve always hoped in my heart to pass it on to my kids. While I would be thrilled for them to take classes and pursue it on a professional level, it’s more than that. I want to pass on the confidence, the freedom, the joy and the creativity that comes with dance. I hope my girls are never too afraid to dance in a store when their favorite song comes on. I hope they have amazing late night dance parties together in their bedroom. I hope they freely worship God with dance in private and in public. I hope they dance to make each other laugh. I hope they dance to express themselves.

Last night, we watched another episode, with the most amazing audition. Hampton “the exorcist” Williams, his 4 year old daughter, and his girlfriend, danced together. It was so inspiring and so moving. I totally teared up.  I loved how they were sharing a passion and a joy and an art together as a family. I want to be like them. I want my family to be like them. This is definitely worth your time to watch

I love that God designed us for relationship. I love that he gave up incredible bodies that do beyond amazing things. I love that he is a creative God and that we get to be just as creative.

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