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Teaching My 2 Year Old How To Crack Eggs

My 2 year old loves baking cookies, almost as much as she loves eating them. If allowed, I’m pretty sure this child would eat her weight in cookies. Around a year old, I started getting her involved in making them. … Continue reading

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24 – Let’s Raise The Dead and Restore

Year 23 ended for me in some heartbreak and heartache. The whole year was a crazy ride of highs and lows, with the birth of my second daughter easily topping everything. While this isn’t the time or place for me … Continue reading

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Only a Season

My sweet 6 month old is the most determined little baby I have ever met. She’s fierce, she’s happy, she’s direct, and she goes after what she wants with everything in her little body. It’s been amazing watching her learn … Continue reading

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Am I teaching her enough about Jesus?

My 2 year old was snuggled up to me in our white wicker rocking chair. Head on my chest, hugging her tiny brown bear, her hair still smelled like honey from a bath. I really enjoy putting my children to … Continue reading

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