Only a Season

My sweet 6 month old is the most determined little baby I have ever met. She’s fierce, she’s happy, she’s direct, and she goes after what she wants with everything in her little body. It’s been amazing watching her learn to sit, then scoot around on her bottom, get up on her hands and knees, and now – trying to crawl. She’s not there yet, but I know it’s coming soon. And while I love seeing her determined little self do whatever it takes to get to a toy, it’s been an exhausting week trying to get her to sleep. I know she’s tired, but it’s as if her brain is on overdrive. Crawling seems to be the biggest thing on her mind, even at nap time and bedtime. She’ll be rubbing her little eyes and yawning, all while attempting to crawl up my face. I’ve never been one to let my children “cry it out” and I never will be. I rock them, nurse them, walk with them, bounce, whatever it is, i’ll do it as long as they need my help to sleep. This past week, getting her to relax and drift off to sleep has taken significantly more time than normal. On top of that, I think she’s starting teething. So she’s been waking up more at night and sometimes holding her is the only way she’ll take a nap. By now, it’s been about 2-3 weeks of this and I’ve been a tired mama. But it’s ok. Because while I’m getting less sleep, not getting as many chores done around the house and having to put things aside like this blog, or dancing, or the book I’m reading – I’ve been blessed to have an enormous amount of snuggles with my sweet baby girl.


I learned very quickly with my first that everything is only a season.

The sleepless nights will end. Walking the floor for hours will end. Dishes piling up and floors not vacuumed will end. Every time I find myself struggling and feeling at the end of my strength, I remember that it’s only a season. I don’t have to end, because this season will do it for me. So I push through knowing it won’t be forever.

In the same breath, I’ve learned that the precious, perfect, wonderful things come in seasons as well. The sweet smell of my newborn’s breath as she’s snuggled up on my chest. Those amazing gummy smiles. The wonder each time my girls learn to roll, sit, crawl, and walk for the first time. So I savor those things and live in those moments to the fullest.

Wherever you’re at, whatever you’re doing, no matter the lack of sleep or strength you feel – this is only a season. I promise you will find rest and strength. Those things that seem so hard will become easier. So enjoy what is precious and good and perfect in this moment.

It’s only a season

P.s. – baby girl is happily and peacefully sleeping today. Yay for new seasons!

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